Exclusive Video Access

Welcome! This page is dedicated to those who have purchased the ATHLETE TOUGH Program, and are having trouble accessing the Video Series.


Instructions for Accessing the ATHLETE TOUGH Video Series:

After purchasing ATHLETE TOUGH, you will have received an email with an individual Vimeo login for accessing the Video Series: 


You’ll need to use that email and password to log in to the second video on the Client Login page (as the first video is available to the public).


Log in using the details provided to you in the email.

Now that you have logged in, refresh the page. On the videos, you should now see the message “Private Video: You are logged in and have permission to watch (congrats)”.


Enjoy your exclusive access to the ATHLETE TOUGH Video Series! If you are still having trouble accessing the Video Series, please contact us and we will do our very best to resolve any issues you are having.

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