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Exclusive Video Access

Welcome to the ATHLETE TOUGH Video Series! This page is dedicated to those who have purchased the program. It’s not by chance that you are here. In our experience in working with top athletes and teams around the world, those who truly achieve their potential don’t leave things to chance. They are deliberate about what sets them apart.

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  1. After purchasing ATHLETE TOUGH, you will have received an email with an individual Vimeo login for accessing the Video Series.
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Chapter 1: Staying in the game

In this video, Bo Hanson introduces you to ATHLETE TOUGH, a program that delivers proven strategies on how to become, and stay, mentally tough. Read through your Handbook and watch the videos, exercise discipline and enjoy the challenge!

Chapter 2: Tough Identity

In this video, Bo Hanson discusses what it takes to be ATHLETE TOUGH. A Tough Identity isn’t just saying you’re tough; it is about knowing you can consistently perform at your best, and that this ability is part of who you are – it’s your identity.

Chapter 3: Teaching Toughness

In this video, Bo Hanson shares the simple 4-step process used by some of the toughest humans around – the Navy SEALs.

Chapter 4: Bouncing Back

Being ATHLETE TOUGH is the process of knowing how to think and respond in the most productive way at a time when you are being challenged the most. It is about being able to bounce back. In this video, Bo Hanson discusses resilience and attribution theory.

Chapter 4: Athlete Tough Quotes

“Luck has nothing to do with it, because I have spent many, many hours, countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time, not knowing when it would come.” – Serena Williams, Women’s Number 1 Tennis Player

Chapter 4: Athlete Tough Quotes Extended

“I was told over and over again that I would never be successful, that I was not going to be competitive and the technique was simply not going to work. All I could do was shrug and say we’ll just have to see.” – Dick Fosbury, Olympic Gold Medalist and inventor of the current high jump technique.

Chapter 5: Your Performance Code

Every athlete has their own Performance Code, whether they know it or not. In this video, Bo Hanson discusses the Performance Code Model and the factors that make up your pattern of excellence, or failure.

Chapter 6: Being the Best Athlete for the Team

In this video, Bo Hanson discusses how being the best athlete for your team is more important than being the best athlete on the team, and looks at how role clarity (Technical and Non-Technical Roles) is a fundamental aspect of successful teams.

Chapter 7: Mastering Accountability

Accountability is doing what you say you will and executing the task to the best of your ability. It is about being able to take ownership of your actions, and calling others out on theirs. In this video, Bo Hanson discusses a culture of accountability, how to have an accountability conversation with a team member and the trust account.

Chapter 8: The Most Critical Relationship in Sport

In this video, Bo Hanson discusses the Coach-athlete relationship and how building a quality relationship is a key performance factor.

Chapter 9: Staying in the Green Zone

In this video, Bo Hanson discusses breathing and the importance for athletes to learn how to effectively breathe using their diaphragm. Diaphragmatic breathing helps athletes get in the Green Zone, compose themselves and it unifies a team.

Chapter 10: Your Big Why?

In this video, Bo Hanson discusses the Change Equation and motivation. Finding a big enough ‘why’ you do your sport will help you push through the tough times and ultimately, achieve greater levels of success.

Chapter 11: Control and Influence

The Control and Influence Model helps athletes understand where to focus their energy to achieve success. In this video, Bo Hanson discusses this model and shares his own experiences with using it during his rowing career.

Chapter 12: Conditioning Toughness

In this video, Bo discusses enabling and disabling environments, the advantage of disadvantage, and how your environment helps to develop resiliency.

Chapter 13: Performance Checks

In this video, Bo Hanson discusses enabling and disabling environments and how stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning about the ‘struggle’ will help you become a better athlete, and help you become ATHLETE TOUGH.

Chapter 14: Stay Tough Under Pressure

The term ‘choking’ has been thrown around a lot in the sporting arena. In this video, Bo Hanson discusses the difference between ‘choking’ and ‘panicking’ and how you can overcome this when it matters most.

Chapter 15: Be Athlete Tough

This video sums up what it means to be ATHLETE TOUGH. You now have what you need to start your journey to becoming and staying ATHLETE TOUGH.

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