Take a look through our free resources and articles.


Take a look through our free resources and articles.
Take a look through our free resources and articles.

A Harvard Study on Happiness and What This Means for Athletes

A Harvard study spanning across 75 years, reveals that honest, authentic, and reliable relationships are the source of happiness, and good physical and mental health. Director of what is one of the longest running studies on adult development in the world, Robert Waldinger, recorded some 13 million views on a TED Talk where he discussed the findings. In this article we share what Athlete Assessments’ Senior Consultant and Director, and Author of ATHLETE TOUGHTM, Bo Hanson, considers these significant findings to mean for athletes, teams, and coaches.

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Stay Tough by Finding Your Big WHY

Mental Toughness, resilience, and grit are not naturally occurring attributes that cannot be taught, they are in fact, teachable skills that athletes and coaches can develop in sport, as well as in life.​

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Bullying Your Athletes Will Not Make Them ‘Tougher’

Using bullying as a tactic to develop mental skills or toughness is not effective for achieving long term results. During an interview with Dr Jen Fraser, for the End Bullying and Abuse in Sports Summit, Director and Senior Consultant at Athlete Assessments, Bo Hanson, explains Coaches who use bullying tactics will not attain long-term results or succeed in developing the personal growth, mental skills, or mental toughness of their athletes.

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What Can Losing Teach Us?

Losing is inevitable at least once during an athlete’s career but learning to reflect and reframe these performances can help us strengthen our resolve for next time. In this article 4x Olympian, Bo Hanson, reflects on his experiences with loss.

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What it Takes to Become a Super Athlete

So, what differentiates super champions, champions, and athletes who fall just short of being the best? What separates the best from the rest, what factors can take an athlete to the next level of their performance?

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Building Belonging in Sports Programs

Compelling new research has revealed that despite constant connectedness through digital mediums, Gen Y and Z are lacking critical real-world interaction, leaving them lonelier than their older generations.

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Strategies Matter

You possess the tactical knowledge to develop game plans that play to your athletes’ strengths. Physical strength, dynamic speed and endurance are the subject of debate as your team plots its rise to the top. But how much time do you spend ensuring your athletes are mentally tough?

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A Champion Mindset

Defining resiliency is relatively easy. Simply stated, it’s the ability to bounce back positively after a mistake, mishap or loss. In practice, it’s the ability

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Tough times don't last. Tough people do.

Mental toughness is not a mythical quality possessed by only a few.
It is a teachable skill and there are proven strategies to develop your athletes to be Athlete Tough.

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